Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Isabella County Community Development

Information for Schools

School Lockdown Information

School Lockdown / Shelter-in-Place Drill Policy

New legislation (Act No. 187 and Act No. 337) requires a minimum of 2 drills for each school year, in which occupants are restricted to the interior of the building and the building is secured. This must be conducted at all schools that operate any of the grades kindergarten to 12, with security measures that are appropriate to an emergency, such as the release of a hazardous material or the presence of an armed individual on or near the premises.

This policy is not all-inclusive. We encourage every school administrator to work in coordination with emergency management and emergency responder representatives to build upon these guidelines to strengthen their ability to protect against any threat encountered, whether natural or man made.

The attached policy information and templates will assist you in coordinating and conducting the required drills.


Tornado Information and Preparedness Tips

tornado1A tornado is defined as a violently rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground. The most violent tornadoes are capable of tremendous destruction with wind speeds of 250 mph or more.

Tornado Myths: