Monday, September 16, 2019

Arraignment of Stephanie Lynn Lyon on Embezzlement, Forgery and Fraud Arrest - January 21, 2013

Stephanie Lynn Lyon has been arrested and arraigned on charges of:

  • Embezzlement of $20,000 or more (Felony, 10 years in prison)
  • Forgery (Felony, 14 years in prison)
  • Fraud (Felony, 14 years in prison)

Over the course of a three (3) year period, Stephanie Lyon embezzled $25,835.00 from Smith and Son’s Meat Packing (located in Mt. Pleasant), while working as their accountant. In 2010, Stephanie double-signed and cashed 27 checks, as well as producing and forging an additional check. In 2011, there were 21 checks that she double-signed for and cashed, as well as seven (7) that were produced and forged. In 2012, she double-signed and cashed 15 checks, as well as two (2) that were produced and forged.

The case remains under investigation.