Plumbing Inspections - FAQ's

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When do I need a plumbing permit?

Anytime you install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any plumbing system a permit and inspections are required.

A plumbing permit is not required for the stopping of leaks in drains, water, soil, waste or vent pipe unless any concealed trap, drain pipe, water, soil, waste or vent pipe becomes defective and it becomes necessary to remove and replace the same with new material, then the work is considered new and a permit must be obtained and inspection made. A permit is not required for the clearing of stoppages or repairing leaks in pipes, valves or fixtures or the removal and reinstallation of water closets as long as the repairs do not involve or require the replacement or rearrangement of valves, pipes or fixtures.

Can I do the work myself?

A homeowner can apply for the permit and do the work themselves only on a home they currently occupy or are about to occupy (new construction). Commercial projects, apartments and rental units require an plumbing contractor to apply for the permit and to also do the work.

When do I need to call for an inspection?

  • Underground:
    After all trenches or ditches are excavated and piping installed and before any back fill is put in place.
  • Rough:
    Prior to the installation of insulation and interior finish materials.
  • Final:
    When all work is completed

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