Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Personal Protection Orders

What is a personal protection order?
A Personal Protection Order (PPO) is a Circuit Court injunctive order that helps protect victims of family violence, dating violence, or stalking. A PPO is filed by a petitioner and acts to restrain a respondent from the following:
  • contacting the Petitioner through any means
  • entering the Petitioner's residence property or work place
  • assaulting, attacking, beating, or wounding the Petitioner
  • harassing, stalking, or threatening the Petitioner
  • removing any minor children from where they live unless their removal is part of court-ordered visitation
  • interfering with the Petitioner's efforts to remove the children or property
  • purchasing or possessing a firearm (you must inform the court if carrying a firearm is a condition of the respondent's employment)
  • download brochure "A Guide to Personal Protection Orders"