Sunday, October 20, 2019
Isabella County Community Development

Mechanical Inspections - FAQ's

What is the Mechanical Code?

The purpose of the mechanical code is to provide adequate requirements considered essential for the safe installation of all mechanical equipment in order to protect the public safety, health and welfare. The Mechanical Code controls the design, installation, maintenance, alteration and inspection of all mechanical systems, including heating, ventilating, steam and hot water heating, process piping, boilers and pressure vessels, appliances utilizing gas, liquid or solid fuel, chimneys and vents, mechanical refrigeration systems, fireplaces, barbecues, fire suppression and systems utilizing solar or geothermal energy.

Are Mechanical permits required?

Except for the replacement of minor parts, mechanical work shall not be started until a permit for such work has been issued.

Can I do the work myself?

A homeowner can apply for the permit and do the work themselves only on a home they currently occupy or are about to occupy (new construction). Commercial projects, apartments and rental units require a licensed mechanical contractor to apply for the permit and to also do the work.

When do I need to call for an inspection?

  • Underground:
    When underground duct work, radiant tubing, or process piping is installed prior to pouring concrete.
  • Rough:
    Prior to the installation of insulation and interior finish materials.
  • Final:
    When all work is completed


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