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Isabella County Community Development

Interactive Map & Parcel Data Service

March 20, 2017 Isabella County Community Development Department Announces a New Enhanced Interactive Map Viewer for Desktop and Mobile

Figure 1Newly created themes allow you to pick and choose between displaying tax, planning & zoning and recreation information within Isabella County. The new tools for information analysis include improved parcel and graphic buffers, enhancements to printing and emailing live maps to other users, and a layer swipe function allowing a user to analyze imagery between two different years.

Previously, lower bandwidth users could access the Land Records Portal, a text formatted data search. With the enhancements made to the new interactive map viewer, including streamlined integrated mobile viewing, faster searches, and improved design, all information is now available in one efficient location.

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New in 2015 - Isabella County Community Development has launched the Isabella County Mobile Application

isabellamobileThe Isabella County Community Development Department is excited to announce the release of the Isabella County Mobile Application. GIS and Land Records are once again available on your mobile device. The application provides an interactive map and land information on your phone or tablet improving access to information anytime you need it from anywhere. Users will benefit from having access to GIS and land records in the office and in the field.


Interactive Map Viewer and Land Records Portal History

In 2007, the Isabella County Community Development Department released its “pilot” Map Viewer and Parcel Information Search tools to the public. The tools allowed users to access and view information throughout the County. With nearly 150,000 page hits and an overwhelming positive reception by users, the Community Development Department is now releasing an updated version of both the Map Viewer and Parcel Information Search.


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