Friday, November 15, 2019

Inmate Mail

Incoming Mail: Inmates may receive incoming mail from the public, provided it meets the following requirements:

  1. It is on a standard size postcard and contains a return name/address.
    (Maximum: 6" x 4.25"; Minimum: 5" x "3.50).
  2. Only postcards will be accepted.
  3. The mail is not contraband and does not contain prohibited or unlawful content.
  4. Items not allowed: Stickers, glitter, perfume or scent, glue, tape or pictures of sexual nature.
  5. Metered postcards are preferred - postcards with stamps will have the corner containing the stamp cut out and disposed of.

Please address mail as follows:

     Isabella County Correctional Facility
     Suite A - write inmate name here
     207 Court Street
     Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

Properly identified envelopes (addressed to "Inmate Accounting") containing money orders for deposit to an inmate account will also be accepted.

Rejected Mail: Incoming envelopes (unless properly identified as coming from an attorney or court), packages or mail in violation of the afore mentioned rules is prohibited and will be returned to sender.

The sender of rejected mail may appeal the decision to return to sender. The sender must include their contact information, inmate's name, and why they feel the decision was incorrect. This must be done in writing via letter to the following address:

     Isabella County Correctional Facility
     Jail Administrator - Mail Appeal
     207 Court Street
     Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

Appeals will be reviewed by the Jail Administrator who will consider the appeal and render a decision.