Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Mission Statement

To assure responsive, effective, and quality service; to provide decent, safe, warm and sanitary housing for low and moderate income families; while offering programs through the county to help the low and moderate income residents of Isabella County afford to make needed improvements to their homes.

House Numbering Ordinance

Any parcel of land that you are applying to construct upon must have an assigned address. Address applications are available at the Community Development Department. You will need to have the correct property tax ID number along with the street name and directions for the property which you need an address for. You will also need a measurement along the front property line from your closest side property line to your driveway.  If the property has been recently split you will need to provide a copy of the split record showing the new legal description of the property and the tax ID number assigned to the split.  The fee for this process is $50.00 and you will be provided with a green 911 sign with your new address.

The purpose of this ordinance is to:

  • Provide unique addresses to every resident in Isabella County.
  • Correct miss-numbered addresses.
  • Prepare and maintain accurate street address information County wide.
  • Work with the Road Commission, township, postal, and utility company representatives to maintain accurate data.
  • Provide easy identification to Central Dispatch and emergency responders.
  • House Numbering Ordinance