Electrical Inspections - FAQ's

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Do I only need an electrical permit for new construction?

Anytime you install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical system an electrical permit and inspections are required.

Electrical permits are not required for minor repair work, including the replacement of lamps or the connection of approved portable electrical equipment to approved permanently installed receptacles.

Can I do the electrical work myself?

A homeowner can apply for the permit and do the work themselves only on a home they currently occupy or are about to occupy (new construction). Commercial projects, apartments and rental units require an electrical contractor to apply for the permit and to also do the work.

What are the requirements for over-head to under-ground?

Contact your local power company for the requirements for a disconnect and reconnect. An electrical permit and inspection is required though.

Can you tell me what electrical company services my area?

No, the coverage is very large for some companies and there are certain areas where a few feet can make the difference between which companies will service your property. You can contact the companies listed below and check with them:

  • Tri County Electric Cooperative 1-800-848-9333
  • Consumers Energy 1-989-466-4276

When do I need to call for an inspection?

  • Service:
    When meter base and panel is set and service is grounded.
  • Rough:
    Prior to the installation of insulation and interior finish materials.
  • Final:
    When all work is completed

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