The duties of the Friend of the Court include:

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The Friend of the Court Office’s (FOC) main duties are to assist the Trial Court in divorce and related cases.

  • Collecting, recording and disbursing child support payments as ordered by the court.
  • Investigating and making recommendations to the court on child custody, parenting time and child support matters.
  • Providing mediation for parenting time and custody disputes.
  • Enforcing court orders regarding custody, parenting time, medical and child support.
  • Providing forms to parties so that they can petition the Court when they desire.

The Friend of the Court Office can initiate enforcement proceedings when the support payor falls behind, parenting time is denied or the custody order is violated. The FOC also investigates and makes recommendations regarding support, alimony, custody, and parenting time. Mediation services are also offered by the FOC to aid in resolving conflicts in custody and parenting time.

More information is available through Michigan’s Friend of the Court Handbook. The handbook addresses the basic duties of parties when the court has issued an order for custody, parenting time or support. Further, the handbook describes general duties of the Friend of the Court. Specific procedures are established by local offices and may vary from office to office. Any questions regarding local procedures or requirements outlined in this handbook may be discussed with your local Friend of the Court Office, or with an attorney of your choice.