Additional Rights During Prosecution, if Requested

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  • To receive notice of any scheduled court proceedings and any changes in that schedule
  • To confer with the Prosecuting Attorney prior to the selection of the jury and prior to the trial
  • To receive notice of the address and telephone number of the probation department which is to prepare the pre-sentence report
  • To have your written impact statement included in the pre-sentence report
  • To make an oral impact statement to the pre-sentence investigator
  • To make an oral impact statement at the time of sentencing in court
  • To be notified of the time and place of sentencing

To assist victims in taking advantage of these rights, our office will provide a victim impact statement form for victims to fill out and return to our office. Victims wishing to complete and return an impact statement by internet should call the Prosecutor's Office for information.

Post-Sentencing Rights Provided Upon Written Request:

To take advantage of these rights, you must inform the Sheriff (if defendant was jailed) or the Department of Corrections (if the defendant was sentenced to prison) that you want to be notified. It is important to keep the Sheriff or Department of Corrections informed of your current address.

Isabella County Sheriff's Department
207 N. Court St
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

Michigan Department of Corrections
Grandview Plaza
P.O. Box 30003
Lansing, MI 48909

* To be notified if a defendant escapes while awaiting trial, you must notify the Sheriff's Department in writing.