Thursday, June 27, 2019

Civil / Small Claims

The District Division of the Isabella County Trial Court has jurisdiction over Small Claims (claims not exceeding $5,000.00), General Civil Complaints (claims not exceeding $25,000), Landlord-Tenant disputes and Land Contract forfeitures.

The Isabella County Trial Court provides an informational brochure regarding the Small Claims process. A copy of this brochure may be obtained at Windows #3 or #5 of the Isabella County Courthouse, 300 North Main, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

For further information contact the Civil Division Coordinator at (989) 317-4219.

The Day of the Hearing

Plan to arrive at the court a few minutes early to check in with the court staff in Hearing Room B, located on the first floor.

You must bring all paperwork, witnesses, and evidence to prove your case.
No Adjournment will be granted to permit you to bring these at a later date.


Collection of the Judgement


If the judgment is not paid, either in full or to your satisfaction, within 30 days of entry, you may pursue collection by the following means:


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