Tuesday, November 19, 2019

December 2014

The holiday and season that involves presents is upon us.  What is a present?  Is it a pretty package with a bow on it that you can’t wait to open?  Or is it about opening your heart and sharing your time with others in need – in other words is it about being Present in another person’s life?  The Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent Volunteers are all about the latter.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and throughout life it is nice to know there are people who are willing to pause, take a moment and be Present and engaged with another person.  Whether it is to ease a person’s loneliness, to help a student who is struggling with reading, to listen to a child’s worries or to accompany an older adult to a medical appointment; our volunteers are there.  For 20 hours a week our Foster Grandparents mentor children and our Senior Companions provide compassion and companionship to frail older adults and persons with disabilities.

Our Senior Companions and Foster Grandparents are exceptionally good at living in the Present both wisely and earnestly.   They are the best Present our community could ask for.

Mary Ann Mooradian, Foster Grandparent/Senior Companion Director